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I was influenced to go into something such as counseling because I know

1. I was influenced to go into something such as counseling because I know I do not always want to be in a managerial position at a restaurant. I am hoping to use my studies from this instituion to help others in a school setting, as a counselor, or even to start an adult home daycare.  During my search, I am hoping to find that the skills I am learning will be a great resource to start my change in career.  The profiler helped me to find something close to where my interests lie. 

I became interested in this type of field becasue I found that in my current career as a manager, people come to me for advice. When I give them advice they use it and come to tell me about their successes or changes.  It makes me feel good when people come back with good reports. 

I am hoping when this research is complete, I will be able to find the perfect fit for my skillset.  I know there always will be something that needs to be learned and I am willing to do so. Hopefully, will be able to grow with those I am counseling.

2.  After taking the O*NET Interest Profiler, two careers that I am considering are a Social Worker and a Psychologist. I am considering these two careers because I have always been passionate about helping people and making a positive impact in their lives. I have had many experiences in my life that have influenced me to choose these fields. For example, I have volunteered at a homeless shelter and have seen firsthand the struggles that people face. This experience has made me realize how important it is to have people in these fields to help those in need. Additionally, I have had family members who have struggled with mental health issues, and I have seen how important it is to have access to mental health professionals. In my exploration of these two careers, I hope to find out more about the day-to-day responsibilities of each job, the educational requirements, and the salary range. I also want to learn more about the job outlook for each career and the potential for growth. Additionally, I want to find out more about the different organizations and programs that are available to help those in need. Finally, I want to learn more about the different types of people that these careers help and the impact that they can have on their lives. Overall, I am excited to explore these two careers further and to learn more about the potential for making a positive impact in people's lives. 

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