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Identify strengths in personal background, employment history, and rela

Upon completion of week 4 ssignments and discussion forum responses students should be able to:

  • Identifystrengths in personal background, employment history, and related achievements
  • Explainspecific skills to the interviewer

Week 4 Instructions for assignments 1 and 2

· Week 4 Assignment #1:  Answering Difficult Questions

Interviewers commonly use the questions that follow. Some of them may be worded in

such a way to trick you. Everyone has negatives and it is essential that you tell the

truth. So, the trick is to answer truthfully but in a way that minimizes the negatives and

explains how the situation actually proved beneficial in the long run.

When you are on an interview, don’t be surprised if you don’t hear exactly the words

used here. What is important is that you be prepared to explain yourself no matter how

the question is posed. It is also important that you speak in a conversational manner,

using complete sentences. One or two word answers are dull and don’t “flesh out” your


Here is a list of often asked interview questions. 


1.  “Tell me about yourself.”

In one form or another, you are going to hear this. There are three parts to your

answer: 1. They are your professional history, 2. your education and 3. Your

personal background. Zero in on the issues that will be relevant to employment.

2.  “Do you have experience doing this kind of work?”

Whether you do or not, this question doesn’t have to be a minefield. If you have

experience, how would you present it? If you don’t, how will you prove that

experience doesn’t matter in your case?

Write and submit a 1-page paper that contains your responses to 1. and 2. above. Ensure that your response includes all elements of each of 1. and 2. above.   Also, watch the video below for more information:

Week 4 Assignment #2

Although your plans and goals will always be changing, it is important to always have your focus on something. This will allow you to always have a plan to use as a check and balance whenever faced with making a decision that will impact your future.

For this assignment, write a one paragraph 5-year career plan. Where do you want to be 5 years from now? Create this plan to get you there. The plan should include:

1. What job title you would like and the steps you will take to get there.

2. What industry do you want to work in and why?

3. What are some obstacles that can get in your way and slow or stop you from reaching your 5 Year Career Plan?

4. What other resources do you need in order to achieve your plan? What people do you need to build a relationship that will help you achieve your plan?


Watch this video on career planning to assist you with this assignment.  [Title: Apple CEO Tim Cook on Career Planning]


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